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Alicia D'Core is a social enterprise that collaborates closely with artisan groups from Olinalá and Temalacatzingo, two communities located in the mountain region of Guerrero, as well as with artisans from Pátzcuaro and Santa Fé de la Laguna, both Purepecha regions in Michoacán.


Since our beginning we have contributed to the rescue of ancestral - artisanal techniques, made from minerals and elements that nature that the Nahuatl region itself provides, called “Lacquers of Olinalá and Temalacatzingo”.


We currently work with more than 80 artisan families in Mexico, integrating innovation in the creation of unique pieces of great social value.



In Olinalá, the crafts are called “Lacas de Olinalá and Lacas Temalacatlánzingo”. Highlighting its authenticity and designation of origin.


In Pátzcuaro they are called “Profiled Lacquers of Pátzcuaro”, considered within Mexican popular art.


In Santa Fe de la Laguna, pottery is made by hand at low temperature whose  The main raw material is local clay.  


"Founding partner and General Director"

In February 2016, I had my first experience in Olinalá and Temalacatzingo. After an exhausting trip of more than 7 hours, I finally arrived in the land of lináloe.

During my visit, I explored the homes of artisan families, who kindly invited me to learn about their art. They showed me their tools, shared stories, anecdotes and experiences, proudly expressing their belonging to a people rooted in pre-Hispanic traditions, culture and practices.

The name "Olinalá", which translates as "Place of Earthquake", takes on a peculiar meaning when you arrive in this constantly moving town. After crossing kilometers, rivers, beautiful mountains, herds of cattle and spectacular landscapes, you find yourself in a magical place with the distinctive aroma of natural lacquers and genuine lináloe.

In Temalacatzingo, many artisans speak Nahual, giving me the impressive opportunity to hear directly the endearing indigenous roots that characterize each artisan.

On that occasion, I met outstanding masters of Mexican popular art. Without imagining it, seven years later, I have the privilege of having worked with them. I have learned and continue to learn, immersing myself not only in its rich culture, but also understanding every detail behind a pigment, from its natural raw materials to its ancient practices.

From this connection, Alicia D'Core emerges, with the mission of telling stories through pieces, honoring the legacy expressed by artisans in their crafts. We seek to foster trust, collaboration and the creation of unique pieces over time.

We strive to establish long-term relationships with the craft groups we collaborate with, while exploring tools to improve their quality of life. Our diverse collections are designed to transport you, evoke positive emotions and connect you with meaningful moments, contemplations and/or stories.

Our main engine of inspiration lies in the effort, work and collaboration of the artisan groups with whom we have the honor of working.

Our Artisans

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